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Put simply, we make it easy for businesses to extend their eLearning provision.

At the forefront of eLearning supply for over 20 years, we provide a “single point of access” to over 4000 courses from 60+ leading publishers. We combine this breadth and depth of content with flexible purchase options to meet the diverse needs of eLearning buyers.

In partnership with us:

  • eLearning Buyers can easily evaluate and acquire content for their LMS (or buyers can opt to use our LMS).
  • eLearning Publishers can distribute their courses through our multiple sales channels (and also use our SCORM connectors to provision content to their own clients).
  • eLearning Resellers, publishers and training companies can extend the range of content that they provide (use your LMS or ours).
  • LMS Providers can sell and deliver content to their clients via their own platform.

Our SCORM connector technology, coupled with flexible "pay as you go" purchase options, ensures that our partners (and their customers!) can access the content they need, as they need it.

Please get in touch and we will help you to grow your business through eLearning.

Partner With Us
eLearning Publishers

eLearning Publishers


Extended sales channels, distribution and marketing via our Course Source marketplace for eLearning procurement and our managed network of distribution partners.

Resell content from our library of 2000+ courses, to broaden your offer and meet customers' wider needs.

Distribute to your own clients using our SCORM connectors, license control and hosting services.

Contact us to find out more.

LMS Providers


Provide eLearning content, on demand. With Core Learning Services you can populate your LMS with content from a multitude of leading publishers to meet the diverse needs of your customers (without the time and effort of brokering deals with individual content providers!).

Flexible purchase models support B2C and B2B requirements, all on a "Pay As You Go" basis.

Contact us to find out more.

Training Providers


Enhance and extend your training provision. Easily access "off the shelf" eLearning courses to meet the wider needs of your customers, augment existing programmes, and compete in the market with a significant online solution.

Access e-learning on a flexible "pay as you go" basis to meet the exact needs of your customers, and easily deliver online courses through your LMS or website (or simply use our platform).

Contact us to find out more.

easyJet are using Core Learning’s “Course Source” service to significantly extend their online staff training. Kelly Jones, Learning & Development Partner at easyJet says; “Course Source provide us with a single point of procurement for an array of eLearning content for our LMS. They’ve delivered a first-class service in terms of product advice and integration support, making it easy to grow our online offering available to support a ‘just in time’ approach to learning, whilst supporting many blended solutions we offer to support development. We also can add new content as and when required through Core Learning as a single point of contact.”


One of Europe’s largest airlines.
Qube Learning are using Core Learning's LMS and and extended eLearning range for their clients. "I’m especially pleased to connect Core Learning’s eLearning collection into Qube’s established eLearning provision. It means that we can address customers’ skills gaps through a much wider range of courses – and crucially can provide customers with informed choice, through a variety of eLearning options. Core Learning’s platform, which has been adapted to our specifications, also provides us with easy integration to customers’ own learning systems, meaning that we can offer a seamless eLearning solution”. Mark Aston, Head of Business Development, Qube Learning.

Qube Learning

National recruitment and training provider
"CLS have been our eLearning technology partner since 2015. We use their LMS to to deliver our online courses (which are central to our membership offer), and their SCORM connectors to easily integrate content onto client platforms. In addition to this, we resell courses from the wider CLS library as an expansion of our client training services. We have always found CLS a very responsive and efficient company to work with. They have a very high standard of work, and always come up with a solution regardless of what we have requested. A five-star rating across the board!" Sarah Jane Keat, NSAFD

National Skills Academy for Food and Drink Manufacturing (NSAFD)

NSAFD are the industry experts on skills for the food & drink sector and the industry's voice to Government.
"Core Learning Services have enabled us to extend our e-learning provision, supporting our content selections and making the procurement process easy. As a major learning provider, we use online courses supplied by CLS to enhance our apprenticeship provision (delivering the courses through our own in-house platform) as well as compliance training for our internal staff. The level of service from CLS is first class and I recommend them to other organisations wishing to develop their e-learning offer." Sean McCready, Director of Education and Skills

ICS Learn

ICS Learn (est. 1889) are the world’s most experienced online learning organisation, currently delivering training and support to 18,000 students and to major corporations globally.
"Qintil has partnered with Core Learning since 2018. Together, we have created a partnership that enables users of Qintil Learning Manager find a diverse range of courses for their learners from the extensive Core Learning catalogue. Our teams have worked closely to build a technology integration, and have developed a close commercial relationship. The partnership is a valuable part of our overall offer to users of Qintil. We would certainly recommend Core Learning as a technology or course partner." Sam Easen, CEO, Qintil


Qintil is the leading learning and compliance tool for recruitment agencies and care services.
"It is a real pleasure to recommend Core Learning Services / Course Source. We have been using the Core Learning Services e-commerce platform, LMS and eLearning content since 2015, delivering a wide range of training to schools, colleges and other markets. My interactions with them have only been positive, guiding me with a great deal of patience. They are always willing to help and the variety of course content offered is incredible. Highly recommended!" Paige Davidson, Learndirect South Africa

Learndirect South Africa

Learndirect South Africa is a world-class provider of online-based training, skills development courses and career-focused educational activities.
"Core Learning Services are helping us to provide an enhanced e-learning service to our corporate clients in India and internationally. This service enables us to maintain the client relationship and our customers can select content and purchase models to suit their exact requirements. CLS provide us with excellent support in terms of product choice, information and technical integration onto client platforms. We would highly recommend them as an e-learning partner/supplier." Subham Acharya, Director - Learning Solutions

Zhypility Technologies

Leading "Information Technology and Services" company providing next generation technologies, consultancy and learning solutions.
“We approached Core Learning Services to support our strategy to introduce and launch eLearning services following our implementation of the SuccessFactors LMS. We were unsure of the levels of training demand and we were seeking a flexible purchasing model that did not tie us to expensive annual contracts and would allow us to explore the benefits and opportunities for eLearning for our staff. Core Learning Services were able to offer us a PAYG purchasing model for a range of excellent eLearning course titles that met our immediate needs for Desktop IT. We were able to fully evaluate a range of course options prior to purchase and they provided us with some critical technical guidance and support in order to successfully deploy the SCORM courses through our SuccessFactors LMS. We have been very impressed with both the level of service and the eLearning content provided by Core Learning Services. We have benefited from their knowledge of the eLearning market and the flexibility of their services and product offerings. We are happy to recommend Core Learning Services and their website Course-Source to any organisation looking to implement and purchase eLearning services and content.” Paul Godfrey, Exertis Talent Systems Manager


one of the UK&I's largest and fastest growing technology distribution and specialist service providers.
“The Course-Source eLearning content library allows us to support our people in a huge variety of custom selected training. We can now upskill an employee with a range of skills and give them the confidence to deliver their role to the best of their ability. We now have more tools to make our people the experts we need them to be ”. Craig Mills, GAME Learning Manager


GAME is a household name in computer games retailing.
Course Library and SCORM Connectors

eLearning Content and Access

Our service combines two major assets:

  • Our CONTENT MARKETPLACE (Course Source) is an expansive course library that is designed to provide clients and resellers with the means to evaluate, access and distribute online courses from a wide range of leading eLearning publishers.
  • Our SCORM CONNECTOR TECHNOLOGY is the means by which our clients and partners can easily add courses to their LMS (using a small SCORM header file that is uploaded to the customer's platform).

We are the original pioneers of this means of LMS integration, and what continues to set us apart is our highly advanced "license control" that accompanies our connector technology. This enables huge flexibility in purchase models, benefiting clients and publishers alike.


If you don't have an LMS, or if you prefer to use a different system for aspects of your eLearning provision (which is a surprisingly common requirement!), then you can use ours for free.


Catalogue of Courses

We provide easy access to thousands of online courses, which you can discover and compare at our Course Source eLearning marketplace.

eLearning buys can register today for instant evaluation access and full visibility of pricing. And we're always on-hand to provide advice and guidance with product selection and purchase options.

Any courses can be licensed to upload onto your LMS (sample connectors available on request).


We have literally 100s of courses covering a full spectrum of business and work-related skills including Leadership & Management, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Project Management, Communication, Personal Effectiveness, HR and an array of formats from full-fat/comprehensive e-Learning programmes to short and snappy micro-leaning modules. Discover more…

Ensure that your business is fully compliant with our huge range and variety of e-learning covering financial compliance, data protection, cyber security and GDPR, equality and diversity, ISO, modern slavery, unconscious bias,  harassment, and many other crucial topics. Positively impact your employees’ behaviour and ensure that your legal responsibilities are met. Discover more…

We offer a huge selection of high quality heath & safety courses, in a variety of formats to suit different learning styles and budgets. Courses include Food Hygiene, Allergens, Fire Safety, DSE, general Heath & Safety, Noise, Slips & Trips, Working at Height, Driving Safely, COSHH, PPE, Risk Assessment and many other safety-related topics. Discover more…

We offer a huge selection of content for the Health & Social Care sector, with key subjects including specialist Safeguarding, Care Certificate, Adults and Children’s Social Care, Medication, Healthcare and many aspects of compliance and best practice. Discover more…

Our impressive selection of content for the hospitality sector includes everything from food hygiene and working in kitchens, to customer service, bar work and licensing, “front of house” customer service, and many other crucial topics. Discover more… 

e-Learning courses to learn literally any language you could think of. 100+ languages available. Discover more…

Comprehensive training for all versions of Microsoft Office for Excel,Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access, in a variety of interactive formats to suit your e-learning style, together with training on web and graphics, Microsoft Windows, Adobe and more. Invest in your staff’s computing skills and you could see a significant improvement in business efficiency.  Discover more…

Improve performance, efficiency and well-being with our array of e-learning covering Resilience, Active Listening, Communication Skills, Time Management, Attitude, Assertiveness, Confidence, Career Planning, Stress Management, Influencing Skills, Mindfulness, Personal Agility and many other key development topics. Discover more…

white board2

Content for your LMS

With Core Learning Services you can easily populate your LMS with a huge array of "off-the-shelf" eLearning content.

This is literally a "plug and play" solution. We have the content and the means to easily add it to your LMS*. Whenever you request courses from us you will get a separate connector for each course.  The connector is a small file that you'll upload to your LMS, allowing the content to be launched and tracked from your learning platform. Our license control system sits in the background (to manage the overall parameters of your purchase – such as time period and quantity). Your system does everything else, including tracking the progress, issuing certificates and so on.

TRY IT OUT! Please get in touch and we’ll be very happy to supply you with sample courses for testing on your platform.

*No LMS? No problem. You can use ours, free of charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

Resellers' Questions

If you need to expand the e-learning content that you sell to your customers, you can do so by becoming our RESELLER PARTNER.

This is suitable for any/all training companies, LMS providers, e-learning vendors, and e-learning publishers who wish to extend their provision.

We offer a straightforward reseller agreement which will enable you to sell content in bulk to businesses or “on demand” to individuals (depending on your focus). You can offer content from across our library of 2000+ courses, enabling you to substantially (or selectively!) grow your e-learning offer.

We’ve learned (through many years of providing content to partners) that one size does not fit all. We have developed a series of flexible packages that enable organisations to acquire/resell e-learning content to their customers – without the time, hassle and expense of negotiating separately with lots of different publishers.

The general principle, whether you are supplying content to businesses (in bulk) or whether you have a transactional service such as a B2C ecommerce website, is that you can

  • Buy content on demand (to mirror the needs of your customers)
  • Get a blanket discount on everything you buy (so you can usually mark up by at least 50%)

In return for access to 2000 or so courses, reseller discounts across the board, and technical and sales support (that we provide) a modest level of commitment is required on your part.  To this end, we offer the choice of (either) a small annual subscription (for access to the service) or you can pre-purchase a certain amount of unspecified content which can be sold on to your clients over the term of the agreement.

To manage expectations, the lowest entry point for resellers is usually £1200 per year, which is may be waived for e-learning publishers (who also distribute content via our services) and key strategic partners. Please get in touch and we’ll talk you through the options and find the best way of working together.

In terms of “how you would make money” – that is usually from making sales and leveraging your reseller discount. However some partners have success by bundling e-learning content with other services, or using additional content as the hook to attract and retain customers.




Yes! If your LMS is SCORM 1.2 compliant then it can be used to access any of our courses. You simply load our zipped SCORM connectors (also known as ‘stubs’ or ‘header files’) to your platform. Our system then runs in the background (invisible to your learners) and controls the overall number licenses. The enrolments, usage tracking and certificates would operate on your platform as usual.

Of course we can  provide connectors for testing on your system, so you can ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Short answer: Yes we are GDPR compliant.

Long answer: Where you add our courses to your LMS (using SCORM connectors), it is a form of system integration – albeit a light one – and data is necessarily shared between platforms (to track usage and provision the content to the end user).

We are fully GDPR compliant in our approach, and will work with you (as a “data processor”) to ensure that GDPR requirements are met (considering that different systems will have different defaults and parameters relating to the exact data that is transferred back and forth). Our use of any personal data received via SCORM Connectors or API is exclusively for the purpose of providing our service to you, and data is managed in-line with our Privacy Statement.

In terms of the data that we receive, with SCORM Connectors, your system will relay the student_ID to our platform (student_ID is usually a reference number). Depending on how your platform is configured, we may also get the learners’ names (although that isn’t mandatory in SCORM). Other personal identifiers such as email address are not relayed to us (unless your system is configured to use email as student_ID). We can evidence the data that we receive as part of any pre-purchase integration testing.

Yes…Our reseller partners can, if they wish, use our LMS to enrol and manage learners. Use of our standard LMS for the purpose of selling/delivering courses is provided free of charge and includes a level of branding.

Modest hosting costs apply if you wish to use our platform to host your own training content (unless that content is also offered for sale via our other channels).


If you wish to sell eLearning content through your website, there are a number of options:

  • We can provide an e-commerce enabled LMS (this is an “all in one” solution, which includes a customer facing catalogue, shopping cart etc)
  • You can add courses (using our SCORM Connectors) to your own e-commerce LMS or website.
  • We have a WordPress plug-in which would allow you to embed content (including the learner log-in) within an existing ecommerce website, so that the “LMS” is invisible and the learner stays on the website throughout.
  • We can supply/adapt API for a deeper integration and automatic catalogue updates.

Modest set-up charges usually apply. We’ll be very happy to discuss your requirements with you.



Publishers' Questions

If you are a publisher of high quality eLearning content, you can  increase your e-learning distribution potential as our PUBLISHER PARTNER.

We will increase your product exposure by adding it to our “one stop shop” evaluation portal www.course-source.com (our website for eLearning buyers to find and buy access to online training for their businesses), introduce it to our extended network of channel partners and sub-resellers, and potentially collaborate with you on other sales and marketing initiatives.

This is all wrapped up in a straightforward PUBLISHER AGREEMENT, which also protects your IPR and underwrites the commercial arrangements. We would do the work to integrate your content onto our platform and we take full responsibility to ensure that the content is fully controlled in-line with customers’ purchases.

We work in close co-operation with publisher partners – and our aim is simple: to help to maximise the exposure and uptake of your content.

The start-up steps are usually as follows (steps can be concurrent)…

  • Initial conversations (getting to know each other; company introductions, product overview, evaluate the opportunity etc).
  • Content preview we’d like a demo of the content on your platform and some sample SCORM files (for testing on our server).
  • Finalise pricing and contract exchange (we supply a template PUBLISHER AGREEMENT for your review).
  • Content load and QA onto our platform (including SCORM files, meta data, course outlines etc).
  • Agree “go-to-market” plan and success strategies.
  • Go-live (products added to the Course Source marketplace, made available to channel partners, launch announcements etc).
  • Routine reporting and review schedule (commercial review and product maintenance).

Of course its easier to run through it over a phone/web call, so please get in touch and we’ll get it set-up straight away!

(Drum roll)….There are NO START-UP or ONGOING COSTS for eLearning publishers wishing to sell content via Core Learning Services (though our Course Source marketplace and network of reseller partners). In that regard it its an entirely free service, and you should benefit from product and brand exposure without it costing you anything at all.

Instead of fixed costs, we work on a very fair and attractive revenue share basis (so publishers earn a royalty from sales of their content).

Recommended course pricing (the suggested pricing for end-clients) is set in consultation with each course publisher, and the royalties are based on this pricing – so it is all agreed in advance in terms of the different sales models, channels and % share. Its actually very straightforward.



If your courses are SCORM 1.2 compliant they will work on our LMS. Our preference is to host the full SCORM packages (rather than use connectors), purely because we issue onward connectors to our customers – and it tends to be better to have less “links in the chain” from a technical perspective. However we can explore with you the best way to progress the integration.

Where we are hosting your courses for you, there is also the potential for you to save money by using us as your primary hosting service (and also as a means for you to integrate your content to your customers’ LMS). Of course that is entirely up to you, but we’d be delighted to have the conversation with you about it.

Our platform/LMS is a very robust, secure and effective LICENSE CONTROL SYSTEM for managing access to eLearning content.

Our customers/resellers either access courses using our LMS (which we often provide free of charge) or they can use their LMS. With the latter, we provide SCORM connectors which enable the courses to be launched from the customer’s system. HOWEVER the overall control of the licenses (number of enrolments/users, duration and so on) remains fully controlled via our system.

Thus, if a customer/reseller buys (say) 250 course enrolments from a particular range, they would not be able to enrol 251. If they bought access for 365 days, they would not be able to access the content in day 366 (without buying again).

So when your content is sold by Core Learning Services (or one of our resellers), you can be entirely confident that access is always tightly controlled.

Our entire business is built on (and depends on) open and fair relationships with eLearning publishers.

We report any sales to publishers on a monthly basis (for license sales this would normally include the name of the client company and a summary of the purchase).

We can supply enhanced reports as may be required for audit purposes (these are currently not automated due to GDPR compliance- although we expect to resolve that shortly).

In general terms, we provide a “single point of procurement” for businesses or organisations requiring content for their LMS. Often our customers are looking for a multi-publisher solution, and we offer the convenience of one-stop-shop, and the assurance that the courses can be supported on the in-house LMS – saving the customer the time and trouble of contacting, negotiating and integrating with multiple vendors.  So we are usually servicing customers that have a wider requirement that can be serviced by “going direct”to a particular publisher.

Our customers include a wide variety of (mostly) medium sized businesses from across the industry spectrum, public sector organisations, and some larger corporations.

In addition to this, we also supply partner organisations (such as training providers, LMS companies, other eLearning vendors etc) who require content for their own customers.

Our direct provision is predominately in the UK, however our distribution partnerships currently extend to India, South Africa and the Middle East, and are extending to other territories.

Yes, absolutely. eLearning publishers can use our platform to provision their content onto their customers’ LMS. Our system sits in the background (to control exactly what has been sold/bought; number of users and so on), and you simply run off SCORM Connectors for whichever courses you want to supply to the customer.

E-learning publishers who are also reselling their courses via our distribution service can get this service at a substantial discount (and, for them, it is actually FREE for the first 500 users).


General enquiries:  Please use our WEBFORM to get in touch.

Customer and technical support: [email protected]

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