If you’re looking for a partner to build a course from scratch or maybe work with some existing content, then our bespoke authoring service could be right for you.


  • Review training objectives
  • Understand target audience
  • Compile new and existing materials (e.g. classroom-based)
  • “Fill in the gaps”
  • Build content
  • Deliver SCORM course

Do you design from scratch or work with existing materials?

Both! If you have the SMEs (Subject Matter Expert/s) but not the material then we can work with you to build a course from the ground up. Likewise, if you don't have the SMEs then we can look at who best to partner with to gather that expertise together. Should you already have existing materials, e.g classroom-based, then we can use that as a foundation upon which to build.

I guess it's easier to design a course if we already have the classroom materials, etc?

Usually yes. In which case we just need to collectively figure out what needs to be included, what can be made optional, and what really isn’t necessary at all. Throughout the process, we put ourselves in the shoes of the learner. This helps us get more clear about not only the key content, but also the navigation, the level of assessment and the overall ‘look and feel’ of the course.

I've seen a lot of courses that are just page turners - can we have something more engaging?

Of course. You’re right in that many courses still rely on the use of linear navigation. However, there are occasions when this is all that’s genuinely needed. But more often than not, it’s better to offer something more explorative. In other words, we like to encourage – where possible – the learner to ‘pull’ the content they want, rather than force them to trawl through page after page of “I already know that … and that … and that …” But at the same we have to be honest and say that not all courses are suited to the explorative model. Hence the importance of discussing your training objectives and target audience beforehand.