Gain an extra 30 minutes a day through Effective Email

We’re delighted to announce that effective email experts EMAILOGIC are the latest publisher to join Course-Source providing easy and instant access to email productivity training via your LMS.

Through Emailogic’s interactive Effective Email course, your staff will quickly learn how to decrease their inboxes by up to 40%, freeing up valuable time that can be spent more productively elsewhere.

Course participants find that, on average, their one-hour invested in the succinct and enjoyable online course, yields a return of over 30 minutes saved time EVERY DAY. That’s a time saving of 16 days per person, per year!

Poor email behaviours cause frustration and waste time.

Email is our dominant method of business communication and an essential tool for successful collaboration with colleagues, customers, and partners. Yet inappropriate and overuse of business email is a persistent problem. And the volume of business email continues to grow every year. Many email behaviours are not aligned to the values/goals of your business such as:

  • Long email exchanges that waste time;
  • Back-covering, reply to all and unnecessary CC’s;
  • Using email instead of face-to-face or phone calls;
  • Unclear emails / unclear actions / non-existent timescales.

Email volume is high, so managing it effectively, communicating clearly, and embedding good email practice individually and in our teams will help us drive results and achieve our goals. When using email we need to put into practice all the techniques and skills that will improve individual productivity, and we also need to use email in ways that have a positive impact on our teams and customers.


Through expert-led video content, and engaging interactivity, users will quickly learn to:

  • Follow a structure so you achieve your goal with every email you send;
  • Reduce the volume of unnecessary emails you receive;
  • Manage and organise your email in less time;
  • Control your email traffic more effectively.

Learners will also discover how to identify and select the best communication tools for their message, achieve impact, use subject lines to best effect, use inbox rules (to manage and organise, saving time) and avoid legal and cross-cultural hazards when using email.

Full course details here.


Businesses with over 100 employees are invited to try this course on their own LMS. Up to 3 evaluators within your company can review these courses on your LMS for 14 days. There’s no catch, please just confirm your free trial request by 17th December 2021 by calling us on +44 207 613 3444 or email [email protected] and quote “Emailogic Evaluation” and we’ll send you the SCORM connectors to upload onto your LMS.