Learning Management Systems (LMS) don’t have to be big, clunky and cost a fortune to set up and run. Instead, they can be clean, intuitive and cost-effective in several ways. That’s why our multi-award winning platform might be just what you’re looking for.


  • Web-based
  • Hosted and fully managed
  • Accessible by anyone*, anywhere** and at any time
  • No need for your IT department to get involved
  • Hassle-free control

What about integration with out current systems?

Not a problem. Our platform can integrate with yours, whether it be relevant to L&D, HR, administration or whatever.

How about branding - can it be made to look similar to our business presence?

Absolutely. The student portal can be branded in line with your identity so it matches your website, intranet or any other applications/system as necessary.

Is it SCORM-compliant?

Yes, our platform is SCORM 1.2 compliant and also capable of working with AICC. We’ve also been known to integrate other (less recognised) formats so as to provide a more rounded method of tracking activity.

Is it TinCan-ready?

We're working on it! We expect our first release to launch in mid 2016.

Our technology is also accessible to W3C level A and meets AA requirements.

How much customisation is available?

You can have pretty much anything customised (within reason of course!). The student portal can be built to match your identity and you can have other resources, content and forms added to.

Likewise, the administration can be tweaked to provide custom reports. Just tell us what data you need to report on and more often than not we’ll build a filter that does just that.

What features are included?

  • Student portal
    • Branded 'look and feel' to reflect your organisation's styling
    • Intuitive and easy to use interface
    • Self-Registration (with or without passphrase)
    • Custom catalogue
    • Custom user profile fields
  • Administrator panel
    • Student upload
      • Bulk
      • Individual
    • Create multiple sub-sites (provide separate LMS 'instances' to mimic your organisation's structure or business model, e.g. Directorate, location, client, partner, etc)
    • Create groups (manage students more effectively)
    • Enrolments (distribute courses quickly and easily)
    • Certificates
  • Track/Report
    • Username
    • Course name
      • Lesson name
    • Date(s)
    • Completion status
    • Score
    • Custom fields
    • Output to CSV
    • 3rd party integration

How can I find out more or arrange a demonstration?

Simply call us on 020 7613 3444 or email us