Our publisher partner and technical teams have been very busy since our last general Course Update towards the end of last year; we’ve since added new publisher partners (including Edcomm, Intellelearn, My Learning Cloud, and Commisceo Global Consulting) and over 400 new and updated titles during 2020 to date (with many more in the immediate pipeline).

There are too many new courses to list here but we thought it would be useful to give you a brief summary of the main changes by subject domain.

COVID-19 and Remote Working

The global pandemic has forced most organisations to switch to a remote working policy and our Publishers have reacted swiftly to offer a wider range of courses to support people who are now working from home. Related subjects include home-working effectiveness, managing remote teams, wellbeing, and how to stay well and healthy in terms of dealing with the spread of the disease. We are also pleased to report that several publishers are generously offering these courses for free or at significant discounts.

We have created a new catalogue classification for these courses which you can view here.

Business Skills

Business Skills is the subject domain with the largest expansion of courses.

Through our new publisher partner, Edcomm, we now offer a full range of finance-related courses aimed at the Banking and Financial Services sector.

We have also expanded our range of 100% Effective courses to now not only include their business improvement range but also their communication and management titles.

iAM Learning is a 2019 start-up who are rapidly expanding their range of fresh, micro-learning content (currently 49 titles). We are committed to releasing a steady schedule of titles over the coming months as their business grows and we’ve recently added titles on business topics such as storytelling and decision making.

Intellelearn is a new publisher to Course-Source offering a multi-disciplinary range of high-end accredited titles. Within the business skills domain, we have released a range of their courses on innovation and business improvement.

Commisceo Global Consulting publishes a series of expert-led, interactive eLearning courses that help businesses gain the skills and understanding to successfully work with other cultures. The Cultural Awareness online courses include China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, UAE, UK, and USA.

Health & Safety and Compliance

We have released new ranges of health & safety titles from iAM Learning, Intellelearn and My Learning Cloud in addition to new titles from Creative Learning Solutions and Engage in Learning, both of whom are established publishers in this domain.

Health & Social Care

We welcomed My Learning Cloud to Course-Source in late 2019. My Learning Cloud provides an extensive range of over 80 highly interactive, CPD-certified eLearning courses, all written by subject matter experts who understand the sector’s needs and requirements. These include specific sets of courses that cover the different legislation of Wales and Scotland. All of these eLearning courses satisfy regulatory and statutory requirements together with Skills for Care and CQC’s guidance and best practice standards.

Desktop IT

KNOWHOW2 continue to strengthen their support of Microsoft Office 2019 and Microsoft 365 with the release of additional Access and PowerPoint 209 titles.


We’ve now retired the full range of EuroTalk language courses as they are Flash-based. These are replaced with the uTalk product suite (providing mobile learning in over 100 languages). uTalk is different from most that we offer in that it is delivered via an App, especially suitable for access via phones/tablets etc, and also available for use on laptop, PC and Mac with a downloadable web App. The App is downloaded onto the user’s device and is then “unlocked” with a unique access code. Usage can be monitored via an admin dashboard. An LMS version of uTalk is coming soon.

You can research and evaluate all of the above and many more titles by using the Catalogue or Course Search functions. Remember that registered users (free and takes 2 minutes) can evaluate any of the courses in full and for free.