‘Just-in-Time, Just-Enough, Just-for-Me’

When we lead busy lives investing time in personal and career development can be hard to find as we are increasingly time-poor with many competing work as well as personal needs for our time. Yet it is our knowledge, skills and expertise that enable us to do so much more with our lives.

When busy working people do commit to investing time in their personal development then we believe that they will be looking for learning that offers a ‘Just-in-Time, Just-Enough, and Just-for-Me’ learning experience, and of course, at an affordable cost.

And this is what our Course-Source eLearning marketplace serves up for your people and organisation:

  • Just-in-Time – eLearning offers you the opportunity to study anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and to revisit the learning as many times as they wish. As long as you have internet access then you can be utilising those moments of time for study – at home, in a café, at the airport, in the waiting room, just about anywhere.
  • Just-Enough – our well-designed & structured eLearning courses enable you to dip into a learning programme and select topics of particular interest toy you, as and when you need to them. Never again do you need attend that one-day classroom course just to learn that fifteen-minute topic of real importance to you.
  • Just-for-Me – by offering a wide range of short eLearning modules you can choose only those subjects of direct relevance to you.

No matter what field of endeavour we work in, our success and even survival in today’s world of work demands that we all keep ourselves equipped and skilled in several core areas of capability:

  • Technology savvy – recognising the ever-increasing role that new and emerging technologies will play in our everyday lives and how we can use them to our advantage and benefit.
  • Readiness to manage and lead – equipping ourselves with the skills to lead and manage people and projects.
  • Working differently – recognise how technology is changing the ways we collaborate and organise at work, such as virtual team working.
  • Being aware of diversity and bias – working harmoniously and effectively as part of a diverse team that recognises, enables and utilises the power of diversity.

Our extensive library of eLearning courses will equip your people for success in all these areas and much more. Why not invest a few minutes of valuable time to see what’s in store, it could be the best investment of your time you make today?