We have heard this statement over and over “People join organisations and leave managers.”  But is there any truth to it?  According to two different research reports, one reason people leave organisations is due to their manager.  Kenexa research shows that 30% of turnover is due to the manager.  Forbes cite that 37% of top talent is leaving due to Boss’ Performance.

Research conducted by Gallup lends support to the statistics from Kenexa and Forbes.  They go on to quantify the qualities employees want in a manager. The top four are:

1) Managers who show care, interest and concern for their staff

2) To know what is expected of them

3) A role which fits their abilities

4) Positive feedback and recognition regularly for work done well

One of the reasons employees leave is because of their boss.  So, to improve retention, we need to improve manager performance, right? How do organisations improve management performance? Here are a few ideas:

1. Set clear performance expectations.  Your managers need to know that you expect them to be good leaders and that you want them to show their employees that they care, are interested in them, provide feedback and recognition, to provide employees with a job that fits their abilities and that employees understand what is expected of them. 

2. Train your leaders. Offer your managers development opportunities on the qualities and capabilities you want them to demonstrate.  Ensure that the courseware helps your managers apply the training on the job. Remember – your managers will only become good at being a manager if they practice the content in the courses they completed.

3. Be a good role model.  Model the qualities you expect of your managers.

Recent research from Harvard Business School and published in the Harvard Business Review in 2016 does suggest and alternative truth. Their 2016 research concludes that that employees leave both good and bad bosses at almost comparable rates. The flipside of providing people with good managers is that they become strong external job candidates such that they are able to leave the organisation for better opportunities elsewhere. However, the research identifies that there are other long-term and important upsides of good managers in that they create ‘happy quitters’ who offer the organisation valuable information, recommendations, and business opportunities later on. One caveat is that employee goodwill is only retained in those who experience good faith retention efforts when they decide to leave.

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