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Real Projects join Course Source

“Real Projects” high-quality eLearning courses now available via Course-Source

We’re delighted to announce that leading digital learning experts REAL PROJECTS are the latest publisher to join Course-Source. As a result, businesses can now easily access an impressive range of high-end online courses via their own LMS.

Real Projects aim to deliver the critical content that employers need. With a continually expanding library (currently over 50 compact and impactful courses), Real Projects courses include topics such as remote/virtual working, de-escalation, Covid-19, soft skills, leadership, cyber and information security, and many more besides.

The full range can be viewed here (register/log on to Course-Source for free and instant evaluation access for eLearning buyers).

Real Projects COVID-19 – courses for compliance and customer care

Given the challenges that many businesses are facing in the current climate, we’d also like to highlight Real Project’s timely and insightful collection of training resources for related issues; These courses are designed to help staff and customers to adhere to the rules and de-escalate the related conflict. The range includes:

  • COVID-19 Retail & Hospitality: Why Safety Rules Matter
  • COVID-19 Customer Service: De-escalating Conflict over Safety Rules
  • COVID-19 De-escalating Conflict: Delivery Drivers
  • COVID-19 Leadership: De-escalating Mask-related Conflict
  • Covid-19: Planning for a Return to Work
  • De-escalating Covid-19 Conflict: Challenging Colleagues about Safety Rulesr
  • De-escalating COVID-19 Conflict: When You Can’t Wear a Mask in the Workplace


Businesses with over 100 employees are invited to try these courses on their own LMS. Up to 3 evaluators within your company can review these courses on your LMS for 14 days. There’s no catch, please just confirm your free trial request by 26th February 2021 by calling us on +44 207 613 3444 or email [email protected] and quote “Real Projects Evaluation” and we’ll send you the SCORM connectors to upload onto your LMS.

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