As you might expect, being the “one-stop-shop” for eLearning content, we’ve seen a significant shift in demand for online training solutions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many eLearning publishers have stepped-up with expanded course offerings and new products.

In fact, since our last general update (September 2020) our content teams have added nearly 500 new or updated eLearning courses (we now offer over 2,250 courses for customers to instantly evaluate and procure for their LMS). In light of all this activity, we thought it would be useful to provide a summary of “what’s new”.

MAJOR ADDITIONS to the Course-Source service include:

iAM Learning – the continued rapid expansion of this range of high-end animated eLearning content covering a wealth of compliance and safety topics, as well as many aspects of staff wellbeing. The library now boasts over 75 courses (32 new).

IT Corner – a new range of eLearning from leading UAE government strategic e-learning partner. Courses include business writing, social intelligence, and taking the initiative. 9 courses.

Real Projects – this insightful range of interactive eLearning course topics such as remote/virtual working, soft skills, leadership, cyber and information security, travel safety, and many more besides. 63 courses.

Real Projects also have a very useful suite of courses on Covid 19 safety and protection, including de-escalation of rule-related conflict (issues around mask-wearing, etc).

MindChannel – the expansion of this range of “micro” (2-5 minute) animated interventions bring the library to 115 subjects that can be used to improve effectiveness at work or to embellish any training programme.

Mindscaling – a superb range of management and soft-skills micro-learning from this leading US course publisher. Subjects include management, innovation, personal impact and development, resilience, etc. The content is comprised of over 100 video-rich micro-learning modules, which are conveniently packaged up into 19 courses (learning pathways).

OutThink – a comprehensive suite of 21 security-focused micro-learning modules that are designed to significantly improve staff vigilance and awareness pertaining to cybersecurity and data protection, ensuring that staff modify their behaviours to best protect the business.

ProActive Response Group – perhaps at the more extreme end of the health & safety spectrum (!), the Active Shooter Response course from this specialist US training provider teaches employees how to survive a violent situation in the workplace.

Simon Sez IT – an excellent range of 23 video-based ICT courses including Microsoft Office applications, VBA, Python, and Teams.

Zenosis – a specialist range 25 of eLearning content for the Pharma sector, covering clinical trials, good manufacturing practice, and various regulatory and safety subjects.

In addition to the above, we have a wealth of new content from existing publisher partners. For example:

  • The latest UK GDPR training from Engage in Learning.
  • Post-lockdown / return-to-work hospitality training from CPL Learning.
  • Let’s talk about race in the workplace –modern-day race awareness training from Marshall eLearning.

…and hundreds more!

For full details, please visit our catalogue page.

Please remember, WE ARE HERE TO HELP! As a specialist eLearning supply company, we’re here to help you make informed content choices and to advise on the most suitable purchase model. All courses are available for full (free) evaluation and can be easily accessed via your LMS.