Simon Sez IT courses now released

We’re delighted to announce that the leading publisher of IT-related online learning, Simon Sez IT, is the latest training partner to join Course-Source. As a result, businesses can now easily access an impressive range of high-end video content via their company’s LMS.

Simon Sez IT make business and technical software simple to learn, and teach people to use the most popular business software including Microsoft Office applications such as Access, Word, PowerPoint, Project, and an extensive suite of Excel courses covering everything from beginner level through to advanced data analysis techniques, together with training on Teams, QuickBooks® and impressive array of more technical subjects such as VBA, Alteryx and Python.

Simon Sez IT: video-rich user ICT training for your LMS

Simon Sez IT is an enabler, helping people to increase their productivity, achieve their personal and professional goals and get home from work that little bit earlier.

Adam Lacey, Operations Director for Simon Sez IT, explains: “Our approach to teaching comes from our passion to fully explain how something works. We don’t skirt around the edges. We think that if you’re going to teach something, teach it right. Take the time to explain the ins and outs, back it up with practice exercises and tests, and always teach in a visually easy-to-follow way with video. We only hire the best authors to teach and our style is to take the time to explain things in the detail they deserve. That means our courses are perfect if you’re new to a certain technology or just technology shy in general.”

“Through our partnership with Course-Source, employers now have easy access to the Simon Sez IT range via whichever LMS they prefer to use, and the content can be quickly integrated and deployed to improve staff productivity through ICT proficiency.”

Simon Sez IT: Training for Microsoft Teams

A great example of the Simon Sez IT approach is their Microsoft Teams course. Teams is quickly becoming the new way to communicate. Through their comprehensive Microsoft Teams course, you will learn how to use Teams to dramatically improve productivity across your business. Using easy-to-follow instructional videos, assuming no prior knowledge, you will quickly discover how to make the most of this business-essential software.

The Simon Sez IT courses are very cost-effective. They can be licensed for your LMS as a library or you can purchase the exact number of course enrolments that you require. Please contact Course-Source for more information and advice on the most suitable purchase options.


Businesses with over 100 employees are invited to try these courses on their own LMS. Up to 10 evaluators within your company can review these courses on your LMS for 14 days. There’s no catch, please just confirm your free trial request by 9th April 2021 by calling us on +44 207 613 3444 or email [email protected] and quote “Simon Sez IT Evaluation” and we’ll send you the SCORM connectors to upload onto your LMS.

The full range can be viewed here (register/log on to Course-Source for free and instant evaluation access for e-learning buyers).