Making the most of Office 365 with the latest training from ENI Editions

As the one-stop-shop for eLearning procurement, we know that Microsoft Office is central to many companies’ productivity training. During recent years, the “familiar” Office applications have evolved almost beyond recognition and the latest training is essential to help users to get the most from the upgraded software.

Of course, in a busy workplace, users are often reluctant to set the time aside to brush up on their Microsoft knowhow. Yet when you consider a) how dependant we all are on day-to-day use of MS Office, and b) how much of MS Office is “new”, just a little brush-up could have a massive impact on productivity. A modest investment of time can pay dividends in terms of efficiency.

It is fair to say that Office 365 also opens up a wealth of new functionality (and new ways of doing things) that are hugely beneficial, especially in the context of today’s imperative for remote working and virtual teams.

But where to start?

If we were to pick one thing within the 365 environment, it would be a focus on Microsoft Teams. Most people know broadly what it is, but are we using its full potential? Let’s take a look at how Teams is addressed within a great all-round Office 365 course…

Office 365 and Teams – online training directly within the Application

ENI has been a specialist in computer training for more than 30 years, and has been ahead of the game with comprehensive and interactive Microsoft 365 training. The Teams application is at the heart of the Microsoft 365 environment.

Corinne Hervo, ENI Editorial Manager tells us, “At a time of home working and the development of different ways of collaborating within companies, projects’ organisation and relations between employees are changing. Because it meets the current needs of companies and employees (home working, team meetings, collaborative work on documents), going from 44 million users in January 2020 to 75 million during lockdown (in a few months), Teams has established itself as the ideal teamwork tool.”

ENI Teams expert, Laurent Thibolot further explains: “Teams is nowadays much more than a communication tool when used effectively. Teams is replacing Skype Enterprise (instant messaging, video-conferencing) and is gradually leading organizations to change their practices to exploit other Microsoft services: online storage, co-publishing, task and project management, automation of procedures, internal communication.

Through Teams, the organisation of the collaborative functions of Microsoft 365 offers greater autonomy to end-users. In addition, it frees the company from a number of investments (machines, server rooms, server licenses, management tools). In the end, the user, the IT department, and the company all gain something from it!

The success of Teams can also be explained by the richness of the constantly evolving service offer: OneDrive, Outlook online, Planner, Web file server (SharePoint online), Corporate Social Network Yammer… and lots of other services such as Booking (online reservations) or Staffhub (online schedule).”

Thanks to ENI’s unique eLearning solution, you can get trained with practical exercises using the Teams environment. The “Office 365 – The collaborative work environment” course uniquely blends easy-to-follow, instructional video lessons with hands-on exercises using Teams itself.


You can access Office 365 – The collaborative work environment (comprehensive Office 365 training including a deep-dive into Teams) from your LMS, together with any of the ENI Editions online course provided by Course-Source. The training is video-based and easy to digest. Uniquely, the interactive tasks occur within the real application and the course checks and provides the answers. Browse the full range here.

The promotional pricing (valid until 31 May 2021) is as follows.

This offer is available to businesses with more than 100 employees (please contact us by calling us on +44 207 613 3444 or email [email protected] and quote “ENI Offer” by 31 May 2021. Please feel free to also contact us if you would like a free trial of these courses on your LMS.